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FrontPage - AHS Music Tech

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Our Concert of Light and Hope

Our Choral and Music Tech combined concert and celebration of new student compositions!

Thursday Oct 27th at 7pm (Free)

** New music Produced by students enrolled in our Music Technology Courses at AHS



SUPPORT Music Technology Education: How you can help our student composers  




Our Values in the Music Lab *CLASS RULES TO LIVE BY*


Welcome 2022-23 Students!


Get your Class Syllabus here:


Intro Music Technology                              Advanced Music Technology


Class Discussion: Music Technology History and Influence on Current Music




Review for Final Exam and Final Portfolio




Songwriting Unit


Blues Project and the Blues Music Page


2016 Guest Artists: Foggy Mountain Consort



Before/After School Music Tech Extra Help

All enrolled Music Tech students are welcome to receive extra help alone or in small study groups before and after school, continue project work, or make and mix "quiet studio recordings" using the assemblage of studio equipment in the Music Lab room 325.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons:  2:30 - 3:30 PM

also Tues & Thurs Mornings:

7:15 - 7:50 AM *By appointment* - just let me know the day before, so I don't take the "slow road" into A-town!

Class Notes 

Music Theory - Feb/March Ear Training - Interval Cue Songs


Quizlets are your friend! Use them for practicing music vocabulary and learning new material!


Journal Assignments - Great artists write (read this)


Building Your Online Portfolio Page


Reaper Techniques: Creating a Drum Machine (ReaSamplOmatic 5000)

 Glorious Technicolor



Music Technology - Intro Course 


Songwriting and Discussion Forum


Music Tech 101

In our Intro to Music Technology class, we learn how to listen deeply, create grooves, play with solid rhythm, remix existing songs and create our own original work. For final projects, our talented students create an electronic portfolio in the form of an artist CD featuring their best works. Some of those works are available here for your review. 


Scales - Key - Chords - Common Progressions 


Antiphonal Music -

we discussed this a bit in class, especially with our advanced students. Imagine music performance where the audience is surrounded by the musicians.

This was done in early church and court music (15th century) and generally fell out of common practice for a few hundred years. Modern composers since the 1900's have picked up this idea again and created some great concert pieces. Live "surround sound"





Circle of Fifths - Learn Practice and Quiz    


Interactive Circle of Fifths


Blues Music Page




Class Notes and Discussions    


Arlington High School Music Technology Podcasts 






Advanced Recording Assignments







camp youtube link

Support Regent Theatre Events - As Our Local Theatre They Also Support Us Through PAPA 


 SUPPORT Music Technology Education: How you can help our student composers  




Sonic Voyages VI

produced by Music Tech students in January 2015 -  filmed and edited in collaboration with Jessica Barnthouse, ACMI Youth Co-ordinator



Fun Link(s) of the Week:

Live From Daryl's House with Wyclef Jean of the Fugees - An awesome new episode! 

On this episode of Live From Daryl's House, Fugees rapper, guitarist, and activist, WyclefJean stops by to put a whole new spin on the Hall & Oates classic, "Rich Girl."  It's a family affair at Daryl's House as Wyclef enlists his sister to help prepare the quintessential Haitian meal. Wait til' you see what they have in store, you're gonna flip!


Sounds of Change - Soul Music and Stax records

Many thanks to Diane Jackson in the transitional program for this link.


Sallie Ford - Coulda Been -

Heard this on the way to school today and just had to share it. I love when all-girl bands are this real and rockin'. WERS is a great "go to" place for music that is not of the usual variety. They also do a great job putting the on-air playlist up immediately, and with lots of additional media links. I think that is an excellent use of technology to enhance the radio listening experience.


EAMIR - Open Source Interactive Music System Project


Hack a Banana (and much more) to make a keyboard (and much more)

Thank you to Aidan C. for this great link


Walk off the Earth covers "Happy" by Pharrell Williams


Developing a Music Creation App - check out the related links and articles too


And much thanks to Josie K for these next 3 :

I am not normally one for dub step, but I have to say this Moonlight Sonata Dubstep Remix is pretty "dope"


An article about people making music with things like salt and vegetables


An article about little robots that translate color into sound


Like a Version - Australian filmed radio show where current artist do cover versions in a pretty unique forum setting



Skyrim Symphony -

Made entirely of audio samples taken from within the Game


Stagefright TED talk - Joe Krafty


Robots with Soul - TED Talk - What kind of robots does an animator / jazz musician / roboticist make? Playful, reactive, curious ones.




Discordant Metronomes Achieve Synchronity


Benjamin Zander TED Talk - Inspiring talk on music listening, how we self-identify in relation to music and the trans-formative power of classical music


Extra Credit Learn this Country Guitar Breakdown or This John Scofield Solo- Guitar players, let me know when you are ready, play it for me and get extra credit!!


99% Invisible: "A tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world" 

Here are 3 great clips from a public radio show that I believe are perfect examples for you to hear and consider, so, listen away, feel free to comment in your journals or work into your own creative projects in class. Maybe even consider producing your own "radio show" (Podcast?) Enjoy!!

1. Frozen Music 

2. Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators

3. Sound of Sport

...more at: http://99percentinvisible.org/


Smarter Guide to A Cappella Arranging: An excellent resource for arranging skills in general, and acappella arranging in particular. If you want to get right to the nitty-gritty before having to read and learn lots of really important foundations, than jump to Part IV Arranging Step By Step and try the Happy Birthday Arranging Walk-through






John Coltrane : Master musician, composer, saxophonist with some of his best live quartet & trio performances from the 60's



An excellent video called Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? addresses the issue of how many 

possible melodies can be made from the finite set of tones in our chromatic scale. Along the way, Michael of the Vsauce channel references so many topics that we cover in class that I would rate this a "Must See" for everyone, Intro through Advanced level.


Music Theory Song - Happy Holidays to you all...fellow music geeks



2008-9 Season Highlights CD's are available in the Music Lab 2009-2010 Season Highlights CD's are being pressed and will be available this monthSeason III 2010-2011 Highlights CD's are available in the Music Lab


"I've been imitated so well, I've even heard people copy my mistakes" - Jimi Hendrix




Competitions and other Opportunities for Student Composers:

FREE high school program FUTURE MUSIC MOGULS at NYU - Tisch School of the Arts


John Lennon Songwriting Competition 


Grammy in the Schools


USA Songwriting Competition


Musicworks Electronic Experimental Music Competition


NAfME Student Composers Competition - February 15


NAFME Electronic Music Competition - April 15


Show Me the Music Competition





Peer Review


Advanced Class - Peer Review 


Project Revision Forum If you need help on projects!


Fun Link of the Week: ThisSongIsSick.com

This link comes to us from local electronic guru and friend of AHS Music Tech, Paul English.

Great mixes and video productions can be seen/heard on this blog. Contests, Events, Interviews, Mixtapes...I will personally be visiting this one a lot.




Fun Link(s) of the Week (Archive):


Currently on the Composer's Table:



More Interesting Links and Music Tech Ideas



Symphony of Science 




Kutiman Mixes YouTube

All of the videos on this website were created using a mash-up of youtube videos featuring people playing instruments, singing, etc.  This a good example of music concrete. Kutiman's Channel



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